Tuesday Travels

After slight problems with getting our back jack up, we pulled out of site P2 at 9:37 a.m. MST. I have loved our time here, but it feels good to get back on the road. God forbid we stay long enough to grow roots. Definitely a place I hope we’ll be back to sooner than later. Of all the places we’ve been so far, Colorado Springs has been my favorite. Ron’s is Nashville because of the music. We both loved New Mexico more than we expected. Ron loved Colorado Springs too, especially the lack of road rage. We have gone 3, 125 miles at this point. Ron said that seems really high, but we’ve done lots of day trips to different places.

Ron has loved looking at the map while we’ve been gone. He loves seeing how far from home we are.

This is our view for the next few hours according to Ron. He wasn’t wrong, not a lot of interesting sights as we head north east to I-70 which will be our pathway home this trip.

We stopped at Burlington, Colorado for gas and potty break. Some guy came up and told Ron about a great place to go camping, Dillon Lake. I think it’s a little more camping than what we do. He told Ron they don’t have water or electric, you can pick up water from the local fire department before you go up in to the campground. I’m not sure Ron and I are ready for complete boon docking. Although, as I told Ron, I wouldn’t mind getting to that point. We would both have to get in better shape, that’s for sure.

We crossed into Kansas at 12:49 p.m. MST or 1:49 p.m. CST. We crossed the timeline as well since they are one and the same. So what time is it really? It’s hard to tell. It’s a weird feeling to cross a timeline, and realize without doing anything, you have just lost an hour of your life. On the way out here, it was fun to gain an hour as we crossed timelines, not as much fun to lose an hour. But in the end, it all balances out. My Mom used to tell me that all the time, I now understand what she meant.

I was very sad to see the “Leaving Colorful Colorado” sign as we exited the place we have made so many great memories. Ron and I were just talking, this trip has really bonded us together. I think I will have a hard time giving him back to the world when we get home. I’ve loved having him all to myself.

I have witnessed the truth of the Western Skies. I’ve always read about the vivid blue skies, but now I’ve had the privilege to see them. The sky brings everything else to life. I also learned Kansas is the largest producer sorghum in the world. One third of the grain is used to feed livestock, 1/3 exported and 1/3 used for food. This crop is a high energy, drought tolerant crop which makes it perfect for Kansas.

I’ve also realized how lonely a truck drivers life is. We’re having fun on our little trip, but I wouldn’t want to drive a truck back and forth on these interstates. There is nothing out here, it just goes on and on. I imagine that would get old quick. But there are those who love it, good for them, that’s awesome.

I had to take pictures of the corn, as monotonous as it is now, I’ll miss this one day. Ron says it looks the same as it did 30 years ago when he did this trip. One of the reasons I love him, his sense of adventure.

When Ron was getting out of the music business he did a six week cross country trip in a green Geo Metro. He had booked a conference in California before he decided to quit the business. The decision to leave music was made at the Exxon station at the corner of Old Towne and Richmond Rd. in Williamsburg, VA. I’m not sure if the station is still an Exxon, but it was then. He decided to go to the conference anyway. So he did, by himself, camping his way across the country and back. My favorite story from that trip, the night he slept in the Geo on the edge of the Grand Canyon. He was snowed in during the night, he couldn’t get out of the car the next morning when he woke up. He had to roll the window down, push the snow back and climb out the window. He has no idea why this is my favorite story. I’ll tell you why, because who wouldn’t want to be with a man who has a sense of adventure like that. I know I do.

And as the wind picks up, the trailer begins to blow, and the mileage begins to slow, it was time for a book.

I am in Laura Ingalls Wilder territory now and I love it. I love understanding exactly how strong the prairie winds are. I’ve read about them, but now I understand them. I have new perspective of the loneliness of the pioneers who settled this land. I understand why there were so many cases of people going crazy. People today can get out and see people, back then, the few miles that parted them were too long a distance to be traveled often. I used to hate being single in Williamsburg, being single out here would be worse I think. But I don’t live here, I could be wrong.

We have seen them working on the road like this a couple of times on this trip. I have never seen a road paved like this. My Dad used to work on the roads. One of his favorite terms came from those days, “augershit,” that’s the stuff that’s left over after they roll the road out. The leftovers kind of look like a crumbled oreo cookie, except it’s tar and rock. Dad used to use that term a lot, especially in the phrase, “Dumber than augershit!” I had no idea what he meant for the longest time, but now I do

We’re staying in WaKeeney, KS tonight at the KOA. We’re not going to unhook if possible. The wind is crazy, it’s blowing us all over the road. Rarely do we ever feel the wind when we’re driving the trailer. The rig we have is the easiest one we’ve owned yet. The travel trailers definitely feel the wind, and it doesn’t have to be much. Ron is an excellent driver, he’s very conscientious and safe. I’m very grateful. I haven’t driven any yet, but I will probably the last couple of days so we can make good time, maybe get home a little early. I’m about to pitch Ron on changing our entire trip, writing about Laura Ingalls Wilder made me look up where her museum is. If we don’t go to St. Louis we could go there instead. I don’t know if I’ll be able to sell Ron on this or not, tune in tomorrow to find out.

I wish I could take a picture of the wind, I hope I never forget how this feels. It’s an arm workout opening the door. The pups aren’t big fans I don’t think. I’m ready for a quiet evening, today was a tiring day for some reason.

I had a conference call for my class. The call ended at the perfect time. I walked outside to check the weather and the sun was just setting. What a privilege to sit and watch the sun sink here in Kansas on this beautiful night.