Lazy Sunday

Sunday’s our my favorite day of the week. I’m so grateful for how my parents raised me, I’m still doing their routine today, or try too. We were never allowed to work on Sunday’s, no chores, they had to be done on Saturday. We went to church as a family, it was the only time I saw Dad in a suit. He had one gray suit, he wore it every Sunday to church, I believe he is buried in it. My favorite image, him standing at the Tidal Presbyterian Church steps, smoking a cigarette before going into the service. After church, more times than not, Mom had roast beef cooking in the crock pot. We’d go home, she’d whip up 5 lbs of mashed potatoes and we would have hot roast beef sandwiches for lunch. The rest of the day we got to play, it was a day of rest. My favorite day of the week then, still is now. Of course, in life it’s inevitable that I’ve had to work on Sunday, but on those Sunday’s when I don’t have too, those are the best! And at this point in life, the only work I do on Sunday’s is work I want to do, which is playing for me.

Sunday has started off the same way for us. We slept in after the concert last night. I spent a little quiet time with God. I read this verse this morning, it made me laugh. “A bowl of vegetables with someone you love is better than steak with someone you hate” (Proverbs 15:17 NLT). I was actually thinking how my 50th birthday dinner was nothing fancy, but it was the best meal in the world because I was with Ron.

The views around here have not gotten old. I’m always amazed. I’ll be talking to Ron, not paying attention to what is around me, and then look up and am shocked at the beauty. The same thing happened on the way to church today, we only had to drive 1.1 miles, I still had my breath taken away from me. We were welcomed so warmly into church this morning. I can’t remember this particular lady’s name, so many people introduced themselves I couldn’t keep up with them all. But she sat beside us to make us feel welcome. During the meet and greet, she asked me what beautiful things I had seen since we left home. I immediately teared up, this trip has been so amazing, I can’t choose just one. I have a very grateful heart. She was a very sweet lady.

We attended New life Church in Manitou Springs. I must admit when we walked in, I was skeptical. Carl (guy in red shirt) was reading scripture as we walked into the sanctuary. There was music playing which reminded me of a funeral. I was a tad bit nervous But then I just let the rhythmic sound of the Scriptures wash over me. I thought, “We’re here now, might as well go with it.” Glad we did. Worship team was fantastic. I learned a new song, “Whole Heart (Hold Me Now).” I knew when I saw the Pastor on his knees praying during worship, the message was going to speak to me. I had no idea how much. I made sure after the service to encourage him, being a Pastor ain’t easy. The Pastor’s name was Brett Davis, he was exuberant and full of life, an energetic message. I love how he showed the original letter Paul had written to the Philippians to highlight his points. I was grateful to take communion with them, we both were. His invitation to partake spoke to both of our hearts. He said, “This isn’t New Life’s table, this is Jesus’s table, come and partake.”. Mmm, so good!

(As a side note, when I tried to link Brett’s bio to his name, I learned he isn’t one of their teaching pastors. He’s actually in charge of congregational care. I guarantee you, from the passion I saw today, he cares for his people.)

We went to Amanda Fonda’s for lunch. In my opinion, none of the Mexican restaurants we have visited have stood out. The menus are all similar, only slight variations. What makes Amanda’s unique is the location. The restaurant sits on a little, picturesque stream with a great outdoor seating area. And you can bring your dogs. On the other side of the stream is The Timber Lodge, it has the cutest little lodges. One of them is an A-frame, some have kitchens, some don’t, there is a bridge that takes you across from the restaurant. A lady was sitting out in front of her A-frame, she told me it’s a wonderful place to stay. I’m putting it on the list in case we ever come back.

I am so glad RVing life means dogs travel with you. I would not be able to enjoy this trip nearly as much if they were back home. I don’t think I could leave them this long. This morning when we returned from church, we only had enough time to give them a potty break before we went golfing. This was them trying to look pathetic, playing my heart strings so I won’t go. They play me like a fiddle.

Ron and I’s conversation on the way to golf was about the evolution of travel. I wondered what someone who reads my blog 50 years from now, God willing, will think of this trip. I know compared to the trip my Mom took over 50 years ago, travel has gotten much easier. Ron disagrees, after visiting the RV museum, he doesn’t think it has changed as much as I do. I said the covered wagon was the first RV. Ron made a good point, he didn’t know if people would have considered crossing the country in a covered wagon, recreational. When you think about it from that perspective, he’s right. We aren’t missing much in the way of creature comforts. A covered wagon’s creature comforts were the tarp over the wagon and the hay and blankets where they slept, not very recreational.

We played nine holes at Patty Jewett Golf Course. They have three nine hole courses, they rotate which ones you have to play for 18, which ones are 9 holes. We played the Prairie today. Gorgeous views, beautiful weather, crappy golf score. The beer was expensive, $5.50 for a can of Michelob Ultra. Other than the price of beer, I’m not complaining.

I have a conference call in an hour, and then we’re planning on a relaxing evening in the camper. Tomorrow is our last full day before we start the trek home. God has blessed us with an amazing vacation. I hope it’s only the first of many more to come.

Post Script: While I was on my conference call, a man walking his Golden Retriever walked by me, I was sitting at the picnic table in front of our camper. His best friend decided he needed to poop, right in the middle of the intersection. Of course, that is when a big fifth wheel pulls in and has to wait on the dog to do his business, and then for his owner to clean up after him. I felt bad for the poor guy. It gets even better though, on their return from their walk around the campground, the dog does the exact same thing again, right in the middle of the intersection. No traffic this time, but I think I might start walking my dog along the side of the road, instead of the middle. Entertainment while on my conference call.