Nashville Bound

What a peaceful morning on the mountaintop. I loved spending quiet time with God, reading my Bible, journaling, I have a lot to thank Him for today and always. He inspired my writing, as only He can. Wonderful to sit at the picnic table with the view of the mountains all around me, writing devotionals on fear. Ron pittered around the camper, cooking his breakfast on the grill, watching the morning news and checking out the camp store.

I felt sad as we pulled out of our campsite and headed down the mountain. We left Mama Gerti’s at 10:33 a.m. heading to Nashville. Driving through the Appalachian mountains was breathtaking.

We stopped at a rest area just across the Tennessee border for lunch a few minutes past noon. One of my favorite things about RVing is the ability to pull over, open the fridge and make a sandwich. The same applies to the bathroom, whenever we need a potty break we pull over and use the one in the trailer. As one of the first people we ever met when we started our camping life told us, “The older you get, the nicer it is to have your own stuff with you.” He was right, in so many ways.