Greensboro KOA

We arrived around 4:00 p.m. at the KOA in Greensboro, NC. Nice, clean campground, site 81 will be our home for the evening. My husband has already started calling us Gypsies. We have landed in the midst of some gorgeous Class A’s. Hoping to meet our neighbor to the right who is from Colorado for any pointers they may have for us. Met an interesting gentleman in the Campground store while getting change for laundry. He’s 86 years old, been to all 48 states and through Canada. Worn out 6 cars along the way. He was recruited for the Army in 1952 during the Korean War. His wife has passed away, so he’s traveling alone. He still wore his wedding ring, which tugged at my heart, she mus have been an amazing woman. He gave me the key to a healthy, long life: Keep Active. He said too many guys retire and then don’t do anything, you got to keep moving. Words to live by. Settling in for a quiet evening at the campground.

As a side note, while eavesdropping on the conversation with the 86 year old man and Herb, the gentleman who checked us in today, I learned Herb was drafted in 1969 by the Navy. He served 27 years, mostly in the Baltic Seas area. He is 69 years old and agrees the key to staying healthy is staying active. Tall, skinny, German fellow. Extremely nice and accommodating, showed us to our site and helped us get set up.

And I found some ways to spread kindness in Greensboro. Money for a load of laundry, and treats for our furry friends.